Junior Groups

For 6-18 year olds.1 hour lessons. Maximum of 6 in class.
Designed to develop the fundamentals of all shots, rules of the game and game play.

Pee Wee Tennis

The Pee Wee tennis program caters for kids ages 4-6 years and classes run for 30 minutes with a maximum of 4 kids per class. Designed to develop the basic motor skills required for future playing, this program is a fun learning experience for beginners using modified equipment.

Squad Training

For the more advanced junior. One and a half hour lesson. Maximum of 8 per class using 2 courts. Designed to focus on fitness, footwork as well as match play and tactics in a more intense, competitive learning environment.

Private Lessons

A great opportunity to get 1 on 1 teaching to improve your game with a fully tailored approach. Either half hour or one hour lessons.

Mid-Week Ladies Program

A very popular program available on weekdays. This program is for both experienced players and beginners who are looking for a fun and active lesson of technique and match-play. Maximum of 4 per class. These classes are generally run in the mornings.

*In case of washouts or emergencies makeup classes will be arranged*

Total Beginner Limited tennis experience and no formal coaching Possibly had some social hitting experience Focus On Techniques, Social aspects, Etiquette and Fun
Beginner Minimal background experience Ability to rally with Coach Early stages of rallying with other students
Strong Beginner Focus on different grips & swing patterns Introduction to doubles play with other students Students can display general technique for all strokes Competent in low level Competition
Low Intermediate Introduction to topspin & slice Extension of serving technique ie. Spins etc Competent in mid level Competition Expand on doubles and singles play
Intermediate Ability to take part in full match play exercises Extension of Low Intermediate level skills Extensive drills with increased intensity Able to competently display a variety of different strokes Focus on match-play